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Meg. 22-year-old literature & writing studies student.
currently, my life is all about: digital discourse, Pokemon, cocktails, literature, recipes, yoga, utopian theory, feminism, sustainability, and french braids

Former Jungle Cruise Skipper at Walt Disney World (DCP)
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"it is our choices...that show what we truly are"
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Do you ever get feelings for people on tumblr? Like romantic or sexual?

Um. I mean, there are some people I’d like to flirt with and all, but romantic feelings are personal for me and off tumblr. That said, there are some SEXAY THANGS on this site. BOMB DIGGETY.

  1. supkayla said: MY WIFEY IS A SEXAY THANG OKAY
  2. melmccall said: LIKE YOU
  3. ibelonginnarnia posted this
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