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Paper Princesses are by Dreamcaravan.
I think Jasmine is my favourite. 

❥ once upon a time meme
ten characters [03/10] → mary margaret blanchard - snow white


Enchanted and fairy tales!

Preparing myself for hate.


Ok, I understand people liking Regina. Yes, she’s the evil queen, but she’s also just trying to have someone in her life to love who will love her in return. What Snow did, while not an evil thing, was still extremely hurtful and led to something horrible.

But it is not ok to think that revenge is an adequate reaction. One kill does not justify another. Snow’s decision to betray that promise did indeed lead to the death of the man the (then future) queen loved. But CLEARLY going on an evil rampage to destroy the happiness of others is NOT going to bring her happiness in the end of it all. And I hope that’s how it ends. I hope she realizes this. Because I want her to find happiness. What she’s doing is wrong, so I’m not rooting for her in that regard, but I am hoping she is able to be happy. Maybe even find some way to get her love back.

As to people saying Henry deserved to get into that comatose state…. really. Ok, I admit I didn’t feel horrible when it happened. He’s been pretty horrible to the woman who raised him and cared for him, gave him everything she could. But when you justify his “semi-death” based on her dream, you have to realize Regina’s dream was dramaticized based on how she perceives the event would happen. Henry never actually said that (and I hope he never does).

People are flawed. Really flawed. Henry knows about the curse and wants the evil to end, and he’s becoming more passionate about it as he sees Regina doing more and more evil, and he’s seen Emma cause more and more good to happen. David is confused and has lost all that made him Prince Charming, so he’s making bad decisions. Mary-Margaret lost a lot of what made her Snow White so she’s been struggling to get a backbone and find love within herself.

The show is corny as hell but I like how everyone has been made so human, and I want to know how it all ends.

Without having to scroll through the tag and see hate directed at every character.


“The fairest of them all.”


“The fairest of them all.”

— theme